Do you have to have a fence around a pool in city limits?

Answer Answer Most cities now require at least a six foot fence with a lockable gate. Even more and more rural counties are now requiring this also. It is also a good idea to have a fence and gate to keep... Read More »

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Are pool gate or fence laws only a city ordinance question?

%DETAILS% Answer Fence and gate laws as they pertain to the installation and safety of pools are handled at the local (City, County) level in California. They are most commonly part of the the buil... Read More »

What do you put in the pool to eliminate the rust when you fill a 15' x 42 inch pool with city hard water?

AnswerIt's very tough to remove rust stains if they are already established. It sounds like you have an aboveground pool, possibly purchased at Canadian Tire. You can use a sequestering agent (such... Read More »

Do trains have speed limits when they approach a city?

Your question seems to equate the operating of trains with autos, where you can go fast in the country, but must slow down in the city.For trains, it's not like that. First of all, trains have spe... Read More »

Do you need a fence for a pool?

The laws regarding fences around swimming polls vary by state, locality and municipality. A fence is always advisable if you have a swimming pool to keep children and pets safe, but check with your... Read More »