Hey i have an apprentice ship as a photographer and at work i have a stuido when shooting beads i have this problem were i get 2 shadows when i only want one i am using 3 lights what do i do?

Answer You're shooting with soft light, correct? And you've got one light box on the left side of the beads, one above them and one to the right? Do this: Remove the overhead box from its boom. Extract th... Read More »

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Adoptees: Did you have a strong desire to have a child when you were young simply to have a blood connection?

I very much wanted children. Having a blood connection was part of it. A desire to parent was part of it, as well. I did hope to have children fairly early (in my 20's.) Being infertile, it nev... Read More »

How do I get my headphones microphone to work since i can either have it as mike or as headphone when I plug it in I have windows 7 and have a-jays four?

Not unless the headphones are equipped with a microphone. Hands-free headsets contain both a speaker & a microphone. Bluetooth headphones (for listening to music) don't normally incorporate a micro... Read More »

When you have sex and the gentleman ejaculates in you, when you have your period does it come out in big cloth?

Umm..I am just not getting this Q. A big cloth? What like a sheet, towel, bolt of fabric..what?

You have a sentry really big universal remote model no rmc-10 you have a haier tv and you program with the code for that tv but when push a button it does not response to the right button example when?