Do you have to have a compatible charging dock for a digital camera?

Answer On One Hand: The Dock and YouConnecting to a personal computer with a compatible charging dock might be the only way to connect the camera and download photographs. Furthermore, the charging dock m... Read More »

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Does it Damage the Rechargeable Battery If I Leave the iPod in the Charging Dock?

To get the most life from your iPod battery, it is important to understand what habits may damage the battery. Nearly every aspect of how you use your iPod, from charging habits to song switching, ... Read More »

Is a Sony digital camera compatible with a Kodak dock printer?

A Sony digital camera is compatible with a Kodak dock. A Kodak dock lets you transfer and print pictures and recharges your camera batteries quickly and all in one step.Source:Kodak Easy Share

Why is your iPod dock not charging your iPod?

it is one of the three its not in correctly, its your ipod, or its the dock hope this helped.

1 month old gateway laptops not charging. mouse over the Icon and it says "plugged in, not charging"?

That can happen in certain cases like for any other products, sometimes you get a lemon, that is why they offer warranties!You should exercise that warranty (in store or with Gateway directly depen... Read More »