Do you have to go to court to be a legal guardian?

Answer Yes. There has to be a court order.

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Can a close friend be your legal guardian and what needs to be done if you go to court?

Answer Individual states establish requirements that are necessary for an adult to become the legal guardian of a minor. Any adult can petition the court for guardianship but the decision as to whe... Read More »

If you are an 18-year-old male whose relationship with a 15-year-old female is accepted by her legal guardian and you get her pregnant can you be taken to court and if so what are the consequences?

Answer yes, but in Kansas you can marry at fifteen and at least that might go in your favor at court ... Answer If the relationship is accepted, then you needn't worry. If the legal gaurdian gets a... Read More »

How Do I Become a Temporary Court-Appointed Guardian?

Abuse and neglect of a dependent person --- be it an elderly person, a child or a disabled adult --- are serious problems that may require intervention in the form of a temporary court-ordered guar... Read More »

How does one become a legal guardian in ga?

The entire situation has not been explained. so there may be mitigating factors. The short answer is: if the child has been legally adopted, the biological parents have no more legal standing than ... Read More »