Do you have to go in front of a judge to get custody?

Answer Answer yes, unless you are the natural mother and have not adopted the child, or the court has not removed the child from you. Also, if you have not assigned a guardian for the child and even the... Read More »

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If the parents live in two different cities do they still have the right to joint custody or will the judge order one of them sole custody?

Answer Best Interests of the children. Are you talking about physical custody or legal custody? Visitation schedule?Hopefully the parents can work it out in concilation court.for more details see... Read More »

If the father is in jail for domestic violence at the time of a custody case does the judge usually give the mother sole custody?

Answer Yes, the safe environment of a child always comes first, so your chances of gaining full custody are high.

What kind of things does the judge look at to order joint custody?

%DETAILS% Answer See CA Family Law Code 3040 - 3048 Answer many things come into play here. even though not required, a j... Read More »

How does a person get temporary custody of your infant without you signing over your rights and not going before a judge?

Answer It is not necessary to obtain a court order to permit a friend or family member to care for your child temporarily (less than three months). You will need to give written permission allowing... Read More »