Do you have to give your condominium a set of keys?

Answer Generally, it's a good idea to have a set of keys for a condominium, so you can unlock the door.As well, your governing documents may also require that you store a spare set of keys with the proper... Read More »

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I have a problem with serial keys. Can you give me a legal solution?

Well.... it you own a scanner you can scan those items and create immages that prove that you purchased a legal copy instead of downloading it, and email them a copy.I recommend using a permanent m... Read More »

You are separated if you purchase a condominium with your own earnings will the condominium be considered marital property?

Any answer must depend on the marital property laws in the state where you live/ claim residence, and any property agreements made in your separation documents.Your lawyer will give you a correct a... Read More »

What are the consiquences of a Condominium Association putting a lien on your condominium home in Ohio?

If Ohio is like most other states, the recorded lien effectively clouds your title, so when you attempt to sell the unit, the lien shows up in the title search. As owner, the lien may also appear o... Read More »

How do you find and download Florida condominium documents for a specific condominium?

Depending on which documents you want, you can look online in the county assessor's database, in the property manager's database or in the condominium online database. Be aware, however, that ther... Read More »