Do you have to file taxes if you sold a house&bought a house in the same year?

Answer If a taxpayer sells a home during the year, then he will have to file income taxes. This will apply if the taxpayer buys another home or does not buy another home.References:IRS: Do you need to fil... Read More »

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Do I have to pay state taxes on a house sold in North Carolina?

According to 2010 federal law, if you sell a home in North Carolina, you may exclude capital gains of $250,000 or $500,000 from federal taxes, depending on whether you file singly or jointly, respe... Read More »

Do I have to file taxes for my 2 year old?

It's not dumb - you can see by the variety of answers that you got that it's not something everyone knows. People who don't know, of course, should not be answering tax questions here, but that's ... Read More »

Can you file taxes with your last pay check of the year?

You can file taxes using your last pay stub. It is, however, best to use the information on your last pay check to fill in IRS Form 4852, and then use Form 4852 as a substitute for your W-2. If you... Read More »

Do I have to file taxes in Canada every year?

You must file a tax return if you have tax due, requested a form, have split-pension income, received advanced payments from Working Income Tax Benefit, disposed of capital property, have to repay ... Read More »