Do you have to depreciate assets that cost less than 100?

Answer The owner must transfer the property to the new owner by executing a new deed that names the other person as the grantee. It can be done for a nominal sum. You should consult an attorney to make ce... Read More »

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If you marry a man with no health insurance if he has medical expenses he cannot pay and has no assets could 'they' come after your assets in NY?

Answer That's really a question for a family law attorney. Rather than worry about it - why not just purchase coverage for him.

Would transferring your assets and property to your child prevent them from being attached for the cost of nursing home care?

Answer If you want to ruin your child's future by handing down the worst credit burden in history. You should think about selling what you have in order to pay off the nursing home.There are many ... Read More »

How to Depreciate Properties You Own?

An advantage of real estate investment is the opportunity to depreciate the properties you own, thus decreasing your taxable base. There are several different ways of depreciating your properties a... Read More »

How to Depreciate Equipment?

To many people who own a small business or take a home office deduction, the process of depreciating equipment doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Depreciation isn’t rocket science, but the IRS ... Read More »