Do you have to cook prosciutto before eating?

Answer Prosciutto that is imported to North America has been cured and is safe to eat raw. Prosciutto, a form of Italian ham, is often served wrapped around asparagus spears or with slices of melon.Source... Read More »

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Do cacao beans have to be peeled before eating?

Cacao beans do have to be peeled before eating, but most packaged beans are sold already peeled and chopped. Cacao beans are chocolate beans, which are rich in antioxidant properties and caffeine; ... Read More »

Do i have to cook bones before i give them to my dog?

There are differing opinions on whether one should feed a dog meat. If you are going to, it is a good idea to cook the meat or bones. Raw bones can splinter and harm a dog's intestines, and can con... Read More »

Do I have to cook eggplant before using it in lasagna?

On One Hand: Eggplant Is Normally CookedEggplant is normally cooked in some way prior to being added to lasagna. The most typical methods of cooking the eggplant are roasting, browning and pan cook... Read More »

I have an eating disorder and getting a blood test done - should I not eat before it?

Heey, if your getting blood work done then i do recommend you eat. You don't have to eat tons of food but just eat a proper proportion of food because sometimes when your blood pressure is low you ... Read More »