Do you have to cook prosciutto before eating?

Answer Prosciutto that is imported to North America has been cured and is safe to eat raw. Prosciutto, a form of Italian ham, is often served wrapped around asparagus spears or with slices of melon.Source... Read More »

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What soup do you love to cook & enjoy eating the most?

Maybe not really a soup but..................oh so good!Louisiana Seafood Gumbo3 T Oil3 T Flour2 lg Onions, chopped3 c Okra, chopped (if you don't like orka use file')2 T Oil1 cn Tomatoes3 Garlic c... Read More »

Where does prosciutto come from?

Prosciutto, a cured salty-sweet ham, comes from the rear haunches of the pig. The paper-thin delicacy has been made in Italy since the second century BC. Each region of Italy specializes in specif... Read More »

How do you say prosciutto?

Prosciutto is pronounced "Pro- Shoot-Toe"

How to Cut Prosciutto?

Prosciutto refers to an air-cured ham that is generally lightly flavored with seasonings during the curing process. You may use sliced prosciutto in a wide variety of ways. Wrap it around grilled ... Read More »