Do you have to claim a dependent to be head of household?

Answer In order to claim head of household status on your tax forms, you must report with a qualifying person. By definition, the qualifying person is a dependent on your taxes.Source:IRS: Publication 501... Read More »

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Can a spouse who files as head of household still be a dependent for insurance purposes?

Filing as head of household for tax purposes and being a dependent on your spouse's insurance policy are unrelated. In fact, according to the IRS, to qualify as head of household, you must be unmar... Read More »

How to Claim Head of Household for the IRS?

When filing taxes, there are five different filing status options: single, head of household, married filing jointly, married filing separately and qualified widower with dependent child. Filing as... Read More »

Who can claim head of household?

A head of household is someone who is unmarried at the end of the year. He must also have a qualified person live with him for half the year--this is generally a child, but it can include other re... Read More »

How to Claim Head of Household on Taxes for the IRS?

Determining your filing status represents an important step in correctly filing your taxes and serves as the basis for calculating standard deductions, tax rates and additional credits. Just one of... Read More »