Do you have to buy all new apps for iPad 2 if already have apps in my iTunes account?

Answer Sorry, but Apple does not allow you to do this. i was wondering myself, but i think the reason why you might want to do this is because you want to jailbreak it. Apple doesnt want you to be jail br... Read More »

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How to get apps on an iPad if you forgot the iTunes password?

How do you change itunes account to buy apps on your iPhone?

I have worked in telecoms for over 12 years (now moved out of it) and have had loads of different phones, literally 10 per month sometimes!but i have never had a phone as good as the new iPhone 3GS... Read More »

How do I download iTunes apps without an account on iPod touch?

Open the App Store on your computer or iPod touch. Search through the available apps until you find one of the many free ones. Download the free app by clicking "Free App," and you will be prompted... Read More »

How would you set up folders for apps on an android phone to organize and clean up the apps screen For example- put all the coupon apps under one folder called coupons?

yup it does .i have the tap-out edition, pretty shure the other versions do to.