Do you have to be married to adopt your girlfriends kid?

Answer Answer here is pursuant to TN law only, and this DOES NOT constitute legal advice. The answer to your question, under those terms, is not necessarily. In order to adopt, a Judge would first have ... Read More »

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Can i adopt my girlfriends children without marrying her?

AnswerYes, You can request anything, the sex, the race, the parental histories. This is a major decision. Seriously think of what it is you want, how realistic your request is and tell that to who ... Read More »

Can you adopt your girlfriends daughter if the father gives up the rights?

Can a female adopt her girlfriends child even if there is no father involved?

Only if that child has no other biological, blood relatives living at all. And only if that female friend is the God mother of that child, then yes. Other wise, no.

Can a lesbian adopt her girlfriends child if the father gave up his rights?