Do you have to be employed to receive disability?

Answer Answer No. It's possible to buy Disablity Coverage while employed, then get disabled while unemployed. There are many types of Disability Coverage.... State Disability, Social Security Disabil... Read More »

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Will you receive disability benefits if you have a disability plan?

The disability has to be 'approved' by a panel of people, one or several of which could be medical doctors. Just because you or your employer have a 'plan' that includes disability payments doesn't... Read More »

Can I file a disability claim on a policy I Purchased while employed even though I have now been unemplyed for one year?

NO. You can't collect both state disability and unemployment at the same time in CA. Look at the eligibility requirements for SDI.

Can you receive private disability payments and also receive social security disability payments?

The broad answer to the question is Yes. However, whether both categories of benefits are payable in a particular situation will depend upon whether the applicant is found to be "totally disabled" ... Read More »

Can you have income and receive disability?