Do you have to be attractive to become a bartender (I'm a female)?

Answer You Don't Have To Be ''hot'' to be a bartender, you need the skills to mix the drinks and talk to the patrons. It is illegal to not hire someone on the terms of body types, and such. I think you wo... Read More »

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Where to find a job in LA as a bartender im a 21 female?

Check Craigslist.orgThey Have Job Listings On There and Theres Often Bartending Jobs.

Which female is more attractive?

This is a difficult decision here. Both of you girls are quite attractive. And let me just say that you could get a boyfriend if you'd want. You are so pretty. I can't decide who is more attrac... Read More »

Who is the most attractive female celebrity?

Attractive categories Sexiest : Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson Cuttest : Natalie Portman Beautiful : Kidmanee

How attractive an I from 1-10 AND tips for making myself more attractive?

Honestly, I find humility attractive. You are physically good looking enough, but your tag shows some true colors.edit:Physically good looking=outward appearancetag=what you call yourself