Do you have to be a natural-born citizen of the USA to be president?

Answer In order to be president or vice president of the United States, you must be a natural-born citizen. Article Two of the Constitution outlines the requirements for running for president.Source:U.S.... Read More »

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What does"natural born citizen"mean?

The U.S. Constitution does not specifically say who qualifies as a "natural born citizen," according to John Dean of Find Law. Instead, common law says that one should have a birth place in a U.S. ... Read More »

Laws About Being a Natural Born Citizen?

In 2011, celebrity business mogul Donald Trump accused President Barack Obama of not being a natural-born U.S. citizen and therefore is unconstitutionally serving as the American president. Some pe... Read More »

Is Barack Obama a natural-born citizen?

A natural-born American citizen refers to someone born in the U.S. with at least one American parent. Barack Obama is a natural-born citizen. He was born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA,... Read More »

Can you register your new born baby as a British citizen if you are a British citizen work abroad and your partner of another nationality who live on the same soil?

That depends on how you got your U.K. citizenship. If you were born in the UK before 1983, you got the citizenship by birth in the UK alone. In such a case you can pass your U.K. citizenship to you... Read More »