Questions about my braces please answer and I will answer yours ! 10pts best answer?

Answer I'm getting my second round of braces off next week so I think I know how you feel. Braces are a long year commitment so it's an over time change. They aren't going to make any noticeable differenc... Read More »

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Does it bug you to have limits on how many questions we can answer?

yes yes and yes! dont understand it all! i mean this is supposed to be kinda to share ur knowledge and help others with questions! how can u do that when u have used up all ur posts! its abit daft ... Read More »

Why do people answer questions when they have no clue?

Me too; what's the deal with the points anyways. It's not like they're going to win something with their crummy points. I think some of these people need to get a life......soooo sad.

What questions do I have to answer and email to be on Brain Surge?

Do people that sit and wait for questions to answer on yahoo answers have a life?

As one of the people who does so, I can honestly answer : No