Do you have to Pay back Academic Scholorships?

Answer Nope. Loans are the only thing that have to be paid back. Grants, 'incentives', and scholarships do not have to be. And, congrats... that's a pretty nice scholarship.

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Scholorships for....?

well, you could apply to any scholarships and tell them of how you dealt with this (in your essay) and it made you choose what ever field your going in.also, fastweb can find some that may fit that... Read More »

Has anyone used Fastweb to get scholorships.. has it worked?

I have an account but I haven't applied for any yet.I think they have good scholarship oppertunities but some are just small scholarships and you get TOO MANY options. For the most part it is good ... Read More »

How to Become an Academic?

AcademiaAn academic is someone who holds an advanced degree and works as a researcher at a college or university. A career in academia is a very pleasant prospect, and you may find as you're workin... Read More »

What is academic probation?

There are many distractions from college academia: friends, social events and jobs. Students often find trouble managing time for everything they want to do. Sometimes grades suffer and colleges pu... Read More »