Have you ever had toothache during a bank holiday or out of hours when the surgery is closed?

Answer No I haven't but I was with the gf when she did, We phoned the NHS who said if it was unbareable to go to an emergency NHS dentist (which in this case was a hospital) and they removed the tooth for... Read More »

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How many hours of sunlight are there at the north pole in april?

The North Pole receives 24 hours of daylight in April. In fact, this is the case all through spring and summer. The sun rises there on the spring equinox, around March 21; reaches maximum height du... Read More »

How many hours of sunlight does the North Pole get in a single day?

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the North Pole can get anywhere from zero to 24 hours of sunlight per day, depending on the time of year. During winter, there is n... Read More »

How many hours to fly from Sacramento California to Fort Bragg North Carolina?

Most soldiers reporting into Fort Bragg arrive in Raleigh-Durham, and get transported by road from there. Flight times seem to take between five and nine hours, as none of the sites I've looked at ... Read More »

How big is Chester Zoo?

The 110-acre Chester Zoo is part of a 500-acre complex which includes Oakfield Manor, stables, a lodge and land used for agricultural purposes. The zoo contains 7000 animals that represent 400 spec... Read More »