Do you have the best Chilli con carne recipe?

Answer Yep. I enter the Chili Cook off every year at the Campgrounds we go to and I've won several times and never lower than 5th place. Not bragging, just good chili I guess. :) I will email you the rec... Read More »

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How to Make a Stuffed Potato With Chilli Con Carne?

Do you often find yourself home from work all tired and hungry, but you don't have the energy to cook something big? Well, this "fast food" dish is healthy and is ready in 15 minutes.

How to Make Mini Chilli Con Carne Pies?

Love chilli con carne? Try it in a mini "taco" pie version and please your taste buds.This recipe should make 6 servings.

How to Cook the World's Tastiest Chili Con Carne Recipe?

This recipe is by far the tastiest and one of the easiest ways to cook an amazing chili con carne to amaze not just yourself, but friends too.I call this, my 'Traffic Light Chili'.

Something looking like a pepper grows among chilli plants has seeds that look like chilli seeds but is solidly-fleshed bright red and spherical about the size of a child's marble It has no pungency?

Answered my own question with the help of the local herbarium. It's a Jerusalem cherry and it's poisonous (though clearly not to the birds who keep planting them).Very decorative; I've moved the pl... Read More »