Do you have sex while on your period?

Answer I have experienced this and talked to my boyfriend about it after; it can feel better for both partners, and the blood is really just extra lubrication, so everyone should really stop freaking out.... Read More »

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Your LMP last April R But while you have period you found a milk on your both boobs you take a pregnancy test 3 times but its negatived last May'm your period came but only 1 day?

Yes, you could be pregnant. At the moment it is too early to take a pregnancy test. You need to wait until 3 weeks after you had sex before taking a pregnancy test. However, you period may just be ... Read More »

Can you still have pregnancy symptoms while you have your period?

Answer Yes, you can. Many of the symptoms women experience from their period (sore breasts, cramping, even nausea) are similar to pregnancy syndroms. Don't worry, it's normal.

Can you have a yeast infection while on your period?

Yes, you can. In fact, many women are more prone to yeast infections before and during their periods because of the hormonal changes that occur at this time. Unfortunately, a doctor cannot properly... Read More »

Help! Is it ok to have sex while your on your period ?

A: It is absolutely safe to have sex during your period, provided that you don't use this time as a free pass to have unprotected sex. The myth that sex during your period is dangerous originates l... Read More »