Can u have a good ekg and blood work but still have heart problems?

Answer YES! EKGs are limited in a few ways. To start with they can only show what your heart is doing while it is being recored. If you had an arrhythmia 5 minutes earlier the EKG can't tell. However if y... Read More »

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Is it normal to have pain near the ear when you have problems with your teeth?

It is if you're a Giraffe, with a twig stuck in your mouth. Have you got a long neck ?

Will I have gynecological problems(i.e. not be able to have children) if I walk barefoot and my feet are cold?

Sweetie that is a "wives tale" also known as a myth. There are alot of those in this world. I have been walking barefoot around my house inside and out all my life! I am 43 years old and a mothe... Read More »

How much damage have I done to my computer if I have 610 problems?

Did you use the free version? If so be suspect of the numbers, they are trying to sell you their product. Download AVG antivirus from it is fairly large but a free anitvirus... Read More »

My dad has to have a kidney transplantThey want all of my siblings testedI have thyroid problems Can i still give him one of my kidneys if i am a match?

Humans dream every half hour and remember few dreams and the dreams they do remember (nightmares as well) is when the individual is no longer in REM sleep (when eyes are not moving side to side and... Read More »