Do you have or need braces?

Answer I had braces fitted when I was 24! i should of done it sooner , i had them taken off 6 months ago,i had them for 3 years! i hated every day of my braces and the day i had them taken off i couldn't ... Read More »

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Dentist said I need braces, but I have already had braces in the past (please read details)?

Hi! I would go to the specialist first to see what he/she thinks you need. I would listen to the specialist kind of like a tie breaker. Even if he/she says you NEED braces, they are your teeth and ... Read More »

Does anyone have braces I need info.?

I got mines a little above 1500. Do you really need one? I'd suggest checking the dentist first.

If you have gaps on the bottom row of your teeth, do you need braces?

My orthodontist took a mold of my teeth, placed all the braces accordingly, and then put them in my mouth with special glue. Since you have gaps in your teeth I'm 99% positive there would be no ri... Read More »

What type of teeth do i have and how long will i need braces?

I had every problem imaginable, dental wise. I had to have my maxilla, upper jaw, widened with a painful metal spacer bar, i had to have full braces, I had to have little rubber bands on my braces ... Read More »