Do you have many family and friends who are vego like you?

Answer well we are Hare Krsnas.So my mother is vegetarien as well as my two sisters and my brother-in-law.My uncle has been vegan for many years,but I don't have much contact to him by now.My brother is n... Read More »

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Why are you a vego/vegan when eating meat is natural?

Megan, i also don't care about what a person's choices are for food ,but they are going to use ignorant claims to back up their vegetarian/vegan lifestyles because they make it all better in their ... Read More »

How to Have Fun With Family and Friends?

Here is a simple article with ideas on how to have fun with your favorite people...your family and friends! If your family needs some quality time together then maybe you should do a few of these t... Read More »

How to Annoy Your Family and Friends?

When friends and family get on your nerves, it's critical you hit them back. Harder. You can do this by annoying them in all different ways, it's easy!

Best ringtones for Family and Friends?

I have always found 'Happy Birthday to u' as the best ringtone as it emanates love, affection with a sudden tinge of surprise, all around & a faint smile is noticed on all faces hearing it.