Do you have many family and friends who are vego like you?

Answer well we are Hare Krsnas.So my mother is vegetarien as well as my two sisters and my brother-in-law.My uncle has been vegan for many years,but I don't have much contact to him by now.My brother is n... Read More »

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Can my friends view how many friends i have on facebook?

yes, they will be. It is listed under the "My friends" box on your profile. Though I think there may be a way to make that box invisible. don't sweat it though, everyone knows new-bees to Facebook ... Read More »

Why is it that when you are diagnosed with cancer, friends and family avoid you like the plague?

Personally, I think it is because people just don't know what to say or how to act. This happened to a friend of mine when her son died....everyone just deserted her. That or they were very lame ... Read More »

How to Have Fun With Family and Friends?

Here is a simple article with ideas on how to have fun with your favorite people...your family and friends! If your family needs some quality time together then maybe you should do a few of these t... Read More »

What if you have friends that didn't like you and like you now?

Don't be friends with these people in the first place. This is due to those people not being "friends" but more like people who use you for their amusement. It's almost as if you have friends who l... Read More »