Do you have life insurance or, is it wise to even have life insurance?

Answer When you die I can burn down your house with your body in it and bury the whole thing in a shoe box for just $13.85... I will make it all look like an accident so I can collect the $100,000,000,000... Read More »

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What is the difference in whole life insurance&term life insurance?

Life insurance pays a defined benefit amount when the policyholder dies. Term life insurance pays if the death occurs during the term of the policy--a predetermined number of years. Whole life insu... Read More »

How do I pay my life insurance premiums on line for Globe Life and Accident Insurance Co.?'s the website.

Do you have life insurance?

Yes, I do have life insurance.but our system here is certainly different from USA and who works in economic institute (like me) have another form from insurances.

Do you have to pay taxes on life insurance?

Life insurance policy benefits can be considered taxable compensation by the IRS. This depends on the policy type, benefit amount, ownership and beneficiary information at the time of the policy ow... Read More »