Do you have discharge from your breasts after having an abortion?

Answer Answer Yes, you may produce a little milk. Leave your breasts alone and itr should stop.depends how far along u were when u had the abortion.

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Is it normal for your breasts to leak after having an abortion or does this mean you are pregnant again?

Answer Yes, it is normal for your breasts to leak after an abortion. Your body thinks you just had a baby. It's your hormones.

Can you be pregnant if you have a small amount of brown discharge on the day after you are supposed to have your period and no cramping like with your normal period and you had EW discharge on 9 10?

ANSWERIt is possible to have an abnormal period during pregnancy,{it is actually more common than you would think} I myself had what I would consider a light period during the first three months of... Read More »

Why is it not safe to have sex a couple of days after having an abortion can u get pregnant easier?

Answer It is not safe because you are prone to infection up to a month after abortion. You can get pregnant as soon as 2 weeks after an abortion.

Can i be pregnant i have sore yellow discharge from breasts late perion 15 days 3 negative HP tests?

Answer those three tests cold be false depending when you took them if you took them afer your expected period that they should be fairly accurate and maybe these symptoms are ini your head or you... Read More »