Do you have discharge during pregnancy?

Answer yes you do .listen ladies please don't make the same mistake as meif you pull out you can still get pregnant i was 15 don't be like me plz

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What is the milky discharge you have during pregnancy that has a whiteness to it but is very watery and is it normal to have a lot of it?

Answer I have been told that it is natural vaginal secretions that a woman normally has but it is more plentiful during pregnancy because of the excessive blood flow to the uteral and vaginal areas... Read More »

Is it normal to have discharge during pregnancy that causes holes in panties?

Suggest you go see a doctor with that problem. Or change your brand of panties.

Pink discharge during 7 weeks of pregnancy?

Pink is usually a sign of blood. Spotting is pretty common in the early weeks of pregnancy, it might be nothing to worry about but you should definitely call your doctor. He may want to see you, or... Read More »

Is white discharge during pregnancy a bad sign?

No it looks normal but you should see your OB/GY immediately