Do you have debts because of university loans Can you sleep at night?

Answer If I were you I would just do any crappy job, just to get some money coming in. Just work part-time while you look for a job that suits the degree you have done.Unfortunately life is expensive now,... Read More »

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Can you use student loans to pay debts?

Ok. It depends on the amount you are alloted. Say police school costs $2000 and your maximum amount is $4000. The bank will vendor $2000 to your tuition and the other $2000 is credited to your bank... Read More »

Can i consolidate my debts with loans for the unemployed?

On One Hand: Unemployed Loans Based on Home EquityLoans for the unemployed are typically offered to people based on their ability to offer collateral to secure the loan. Usually this is through hom... Read More »

Is there anyway i can get to sleep quicker because im up half the night trying to get to sleep lol please help?

You can try taking tylonel pm or benedryl. However, don't do it all the time. It's nice once in awhile, but you don't want your body to rely on it. Make sure that you allow enough sleep if you t... Read More »

How to get to sleep every night when I go to sleep at irregular times?