Do you have anything a youngh teenage girl shoudl know?

Answer 1. Don't "classify" yourself as belonging to any group. (Emo, goth, nerd, etc.) Think of yourself as "you" only and that is how to define "who" or "what" you are.2. Your friends are probably stupid... Read More »

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Does anyone remember the name of a TV show in the 60's or 70's where a teenage girl or a girl in her early 20's received a transplant of a brain from a very young boy?

What shoudl my Youtube username be?

Assuming your name is Skyla, so here are a list:~MakeupwithSkyla~Skyla'sLife~xoSkylaxo~ForeverYoungHaha, I don't know...I'm not good at username making :P

How to Be a Teenage 'It' Girl?

Who doesn't know an IT girl? That one girl who looks glamorous, and wherever she goes people all notice her and talk about her and want to know who she is, and no one ever forgets her.Ever wondered... Read More »

What should a teenage girl keep in her car?

cell phoneblanketwaterclothsfoodjumper cable