Do you have any words of encouragement for me this am before I go to the dentist?

Answer Rah Rah Rah - you'll be drinking through a strawglory glory halleujah, hang in there you'll be fine.

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Words of Encouragement!!?

Thanx that s very nice of you to take the time to give us some encouragement.

Oh well ladies, I'm out for this month. Any words of encouragement!?

I'm sorry dear!!!! I bet I'm getting ready to start as well. In fact I'm very bloated right now. I feel like I could start my period any minute actually.Don't worry!!!! It will happen. I promi... Read More »

Need some words of encouragement from single moms of more then one ?

I know it's your friend's decision; but maybe you can advice (convince) her NOT TO ABORT! (she can even put the baby up for adoption)...i'm sorry to put it bluntly but that's killing (here's a link... Read More »

What words of encouragement would you write to some one you know that is going to have cancer surgery?

just tell them that if GOD have given u and us problem then GOD only will show the right path and way ...just trust and beleive GOD ...he ll never disappoint his followers beleive ... Read More »