Cha cha wont work for my phone is there any thing else i can use?

Answer i'm pretty sure there's a way to text google... hold on i'll look it up. yes you can just send it to "google" (466453) and you can text kgb 542 542. but i wouldn't do that if i were you... CUZ ITS ... Read More »

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Has anyone else ever done the same stupid thing?

yeah man, you pulled your trapezius muscle.i have done it several times, once i did it while driving, and i couldn't pull out into traffic because i couldn't look the other direction!!just try to s... Read More »

What's the funniest thing your baby has done to someone else?

Not my own little one, but my brother did something funny, well at least my parents thought it was funny. I was so excited when I found out a baby was going to be in the family because I was only ... Read More »

Has anyone else been plagued with that popup side-bar thing?

omgz pick me give me BA i gave you 4 starz omgz!!!

When you have gestational diabetes what is the best thing to eat first thing in morning Help?

Carbohydrates quickly turn to glucose (sugar) in the blood. Porridge is high in carbohydrates. Crackers are high in carbohydrates. Bread and peanut butter are high in carbohydrates. Higher fasting ... Read More »