Why do only girls like my pictures?

Answer because they think that if they like your pictures, you will like their pictures, and then they will look more popular on facebook, and they probably think that makes them look more popular in real... Read More »

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What does it mean when girls like your facebook pictures?

You're overthinking it. They just think you're cute/hot. They could like you, too.

Which do you perfer: Girls with more makeup or less (pictures)?

I think that in the daytime it is nice to go easy with the make up however when its evening and you are going to a party or club then its nice to work with darker shades and more eyeliner. You have... Read More »

What bubblegum do girls chew/blow on pictures?

Why do some girls sometimes put song lyrics as captions on facebook pictures?

Because the girls want to look like they have a personality and they're interesting when really they're so very boring that they strive to make themselves feel good and interesting and 'deep' by go... Read More »