If you have a child by another man other than your husband what rights does the other man have?

Answer Are you asking what rights does he have over the child? He is the legal father unless he signed something. He could do various things like have or fight for full custody or partial custody of the c... Read More »

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Do other countries have American restaurants like the US would have other nation's cuisine?

yes .they call them kfc,macdonalds,burgerking

School buses have to stop at train tracks, but does the other traffic going the other direction have 2 stop to?

How about an answer from a guy with 24 years of driving a school bus in Minnesota? The driver cancels the 8-way (overhead amber / red lights), pulls as far to the right as possible, activates 4-wa... Read More »

Norton says i have 23 viruses but all the other software i have say i have none!?

I don't think it says viruses it probably says threats and it you click on show details it will show you what those threats are. Most likely they are tracking cookies. The free version of Norton is... Read More »

Why does one eye look bigger than the other, and have more eyelashes than the other?

Its normal, none of your body partys will be exactly the same Like your arms, one might be longer than the other. The same goes for your legs, eyes, nostrils, ears, etc :)