Can I have 2 cable outlets in one room?

Answer You can have as many outlets and devices as you want. The only issue has to deal with signal strength and loss. Signal strength is affected by length of the cable runs, number and type of splitte... Read More »

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Do international flights have power outlets?

International flights do have in-flight power outlets. For most, however, power outlets are only in the first class and/or business-elite class. The presence of power outlets mainly depends on the ... Read More »

Does the Amtrak Auto Train have outlets?

Amtrak is notorious for having outlets throughout their passenger trains. Following company tradition, the Auto Train by Amtrak also has outlets at each coach seat, and throughout the lounge car.Re... Read More »

How many outlets on a power strip can you have on one residential outlet?

"The issue isn't how much is plugged in, but how much is used at once, right?" Exactly. The limitations are the amount of power that your wall outlet can safely deliver and/or the amount of power t... Read More »

I recently brought a DVD player my TV is to old to have the outlets is there an adapter I can buy?

IT IS CALLED A RF modulator any electronics stores (even some truck stop here in the US) will have one. There also are models that do video switching and if you want to ever have more than one thin... Read More »