Creative cooking ideas needed. I have no stove right now.?

Answer Crock pots are awesome.These both depend on the size of your crock pot/how many you're feeding/if you want leftovers1) Get a pack of riblets put them in the pot (uncooked) depending on the size of ... Read More »

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I am turning 16 in August and i want a birthday party that is original and creative. Do you have any ideas?

Some ideas:Birthstone: Do the decorations, napkins, tablecloths, the party theme around the color of your Birthstone, which is peridot.All About Me Or My Favorites- Which is basically all your fav... Read More »

Help, I have a date and I need ideas of what to do.. there's no cinema here, so heeeeelp pleaseee?

Enjoy authentic dishes at restaurants is an interesting idea for you. There are so many restaurants here. I think you should try to find your favorite restaurants easily.This smar... Read More »

Creative Teaching Ideas?

Creative teaching makes learning more interesting for students. It doesn't take a lot of time or money to develop creative ideas to use in the classroom, but the results are well worth the effort i... Read More »

Creative Ideas for a 3D Cell?

Building and designing a plant or animal cell by hand helps students understand cell structure. Because cell parts, called organelles, are so small, enlarging a cell into a large, 3D size exposes t... Read More »