Do you have an idea of a job where you don't have to sit?

Answer bartender.

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I have a 2006 Colorado ext cab, is it a bad idea to put a baby seat in the back. I dont want to but....?

Cameron,General Motors recommends the use of add-on child restraints. Depending on age/size of your baby, there are several choices. For the recommended restraints and how they should be used in th... Read More »

I dont have cockroaches but I have roaches. How can I get rid of the ones that I do have in my home?

not sure what you distinguishing a roach from a cockroach, they are the same... there are a dozen or so different species of cockroaches in most areas of the US. If it is the smaller roach that yo... Read More »

Where can i go to print out our w-2 so we dont have to wait?

If your pay check stubs have a ADP watermark, you should be able to download your w-2. Wal-Mart human resource dept. can give you a code to download. Many companies offer this now, check with your ... Read More »

I dont have a fax machine but i need to fax something,where can I go?

you do have a computer, you can send faxes trought the computer using microsoft works