Are Xbox games compatible with the new Xbox 360 What is the best place to buy a Xbox 360?

Answer Here's a list from the site:…It says it was updated last in August so there may be a more up to date list somewhere, but this is official.As far a... Read More »

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Does Xbox 360 have to have a special HDMI cable?

While the Xbox 360 does not require you to use an HDMI cable (standard definition is supported), doing so will produce a clearer and higher-quality picture while you're using your Xbox 360.Referenc... Read More »

The xbox have a blue ray?

How can you have a hdmi connection for your xbox 360 when it doesnt have a hdmi slot?

Do Xbox 360 controllers have rumble?

Both the wired and wireless versions of the Microsoft Xbox 360 controller feature rumble. This vibration allows players to be further immersed in their games since can feel the feedback when they t... Read More »