Do you have alcohol often over 18?

Answer Yes, I'm not an alcoholic i just like to drink most days. Yes I'm over 18.

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How often do you drink alcohol?

aw, aren't you a caring person:) why does he know about this? im going to punch your face in someday. honestly iqi, just keep him away from me lol

My bf has diabetes and drinks alcohol often, is this bad?

Type 1 diabetics don't have endogenous insulin and depend on insulin injections for their daily requirement of insulin, neglecting which they will become uncontrolled diabetics. The condition can w... Read More »

How long does alcohol stay in your system if you have to get a urine alcohol screening?

Give yourself 24 hours and you will be fine.

You need 1350 mL of a 65% alcohol solution. On hand, you have a 90% alcohol mixture. How much of the 90% alcoh?

Now, this is a useful time to look up molarity and concentration and related equations for chemistry. this one can be solved by dilution:65% x 1350mL = 90% x yy = 975mLso 975mL of the stock(90% alc... Read More »