Do you have a wooden fence in your garden?

Answer Yes I do, I replaced it last year, so it's nice and new! I also put up, at great expense, a bamboo screen too! so my garden is lookin' good at the moment.

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How do you stop young kids from vandalising a 5 foot high wooden garden fence?

You need bricks. Let 'em punch holes in a wall.

How to Install an Electronic Dog Fence With an Existing Wooden Fence?

If you have a wooden fence and still have problems keeping your dog in the yard, an electronic fence can help. Burying an underground fence along the base of the wooden fence can stop a dog from di... Read More »

How to Take Down an Old Wooden Fence?

If you want to take down an old wooden fence that has been sitting on your property for years, you can most likely perform the job yourself. It may take you several days to completely dismantle you... Read More »

How to Set Wooden Fence Posts?

Wooden fence posts support wire and wooden fencing. Setting these posts properly in the ground is critical to the strength of the fence. The depth of the hole depends on what the wooden fence post ... Read More »