Do you have a talent for making things grow.?

Answer Yes,i am blessed with Greenfingers.

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What do you say when your mom is making you do things you don't want to do?

Things to get for making movies?

Lights are very important. Lighting will distinguish your show from amateur productions. A soft light will not be too expensive and it will make all the difference. I've used a Rifa-Lite 250 Wat... Read More »

What Is the Art of Making Things of Paper Called?

"Origami" refers to the Japanese art of folding paper into intricate shapes. The practice dates to the sixth century A.D., when Buddhist monks introduced paper into Japan. The designs were predomin... Read More »

I really need to make a phone call to set things right but I am having problems making it. What should I do?

Compose yourself D. Take a deep breath and do it. Thelonger you dwell on it the harder it will be to do.