Do you have a successful way to clean your keyboard without ruining it?

Answer First thing to do is to make sure that your pc and all peripherals are turned off. Take a triple-sized cotton ball, dampen it with plain rubbing alcohol. If you put too much alcohol on the cotton... Read More »

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What is the most effective way too clean a cast iron pan without ruining its purpose?

Sometimes you have to start over. Put it in dishwasher or scrub with a brillo pad to get clean. When dry, wipe it down with cooking oil on the inside. Put it in the oven and get it hot for a fe... Read More »

How to Make Your Hair Really Soft Without Ruining Your Natural Oils?

One way to get soft and silky hair is following a smart daily routine. Soft hair is built through regular care, not just occasional treatments. Learning what products to stay away from will also he... Read More »

How to Curl Your Eyelashes Without Ruining Your Makeup?

Forgetting to curl your eyelashes before applying eyeliner is not that bad -- just avoid pressing the curler against the base of your eyelashes. Forgetting to curl them before applying mascara, on ... Read More »

How to Discipline Your Children Without Ruining the Bond?

For every parent the worst part of disciplining your child or children is always wondering, "What if they grow up to hate me for what I'm doing?" Well after reading this you will be able to discipl... Read More »