Why does everyone want 6 pack abs I have 12 pack abs, isn't that twice as good?

Answer Screw that... I have a keg!

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Do you have to install Service Pack 1 before Service Pack 3?

On One Hand: Don't Skip AheadTo download Microsoft's Windows XP Service Pack 3 for Windows, you must first download Service Pack 1a or 2. You can't skip directly to downloading Service Pack 3. Acco... Read More »

FANNY PACKS: what is the proper way to wear a fanny pack pack in the front or pack in the back?

Uh, one on each side, duh. Double barrel action.

What is the pack that professionals singers use with the earphones used for like on tv you see a pack at their waist what type of system is this they have ear phones also they use what is this called?

The Google Nexus One Android cellphone is available via Amazon.

Can u have a 7 pack..........................…?

I have 8 pack .... but 7 pack sounds funny ! ^_^ Anyhow... I think some guys have 7 pack it depends person by person don't worry I think it is possible to be