Am i the only person that it bothers not to have as many stars as questions i have asked?

Answer Haha. No. I ask tons of questions.

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Funniest questions you have been asked ask a vegan/vegetarian?

for me, do you eat fish, its not a funny q, but it is perplexing,im a vege, so, no, i dotn eat fish,the fact that its even an option to ask a vegetarian confuses meim not a pescetarian, if i was, i... Read More »

How Many Times Have The Following Questions Been Asked In R&P?

Individually or Collectively ?I think it's the "pi" times the number of decimals in "pi"...or "pi" to the power of "pi" ??...or Macadamia Cream Pie ?..

Questions asked in DMV for Learners in NC?

I live in NC. They ask you a little of everything that is in the book, so read it all, not just the driving and signs part. Have you checked out the practice test on the nc dmv website? it is short... Read More »

Mostly asked questions in the embassy?

May I suggest the "suggestions" link on the website of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs:…The website also features the consulates and embassies ar... Read More »