I have a 50" plasma. Today the picture went real dark. I still have sound.?

Answer Real DARK....but NOT BLACK eh?Sounds like one of the Drive voltages has failed...and that likely means either the Vs or Va or Vsc voltage circuit needs repaired....All are on the main power supply.... Read More »

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I'm 18. How long do I have to have a permit before I can get a real license?

Hello there,You can drive by yourself only with a full license. At 18 you can go straight for your driving test without waiting the necessary 6 months.Best

I have a real problem, i have erectile disfunction?

See, Zach, you gotta do what I do when I have a humongous erection...UP THE WAISTBAND!

I am a high school senior boy i have been severely depressed for years i have no real friends i am on meds and see a shrink and nothing is working what should i do?

Drugs offer only temporary relief. You have not mentioned anything about your family members. Talk to your relatives and friends. You will get some moral support from them. You can also contact a g... Read More »

How to Tell if You Have Real Friends?

Is your friendship going away with someone? Are they being sneaky and mean? Do you think that they are your real friends? Or just using you?