Do you have a pronounced speech impediment ...?

Answer No i dddddddddddont!

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Ok about 13 years ago I was anally raped severally. I now have hemorrhoids that are very pronounced.?

I may have a large fissure that is why it's hurts so much. Use a stool softener it will ease the pain and help with the healing you can find them over the counter talk to the pharmacist about which... Read More »

Kidworld you have a misunderstanding what was the name of the club in winchell-mahoney time by the way the password was as you recall daddy-waddy doo doo- and the daddy was pronounced like doddy?

How you pronounced Indianapolis?

How is Wikipedia pronounced?

There isn't really an "official" pronunciation. What I would suggest for you would be to try saying the individual word "wiki" and then the suffix "-pedia". How you say each of these will determine... Read More »