Listing of Indiana Medical Schools?

Answer In the state of Indiana, there is one medical school: Indiana University School of Medicine. However, there are also many other colleges and programs from which students can study areas of medicine... Read More »

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What a Listing Agent Needs to Do With a Short Sale Listing?

Some real estate agents avoid short sales at all costs. Short sales are complex transactions that can take a long time to close -- when they do close. However, for a prospective seller who can't pa... Read More »

Do you have a listing of military cable designations?

Any criminal conviction can lead to loss of all or some of your Veteran's Benefits. It is a case by case, as discovered basis.

Is there a way to terminate a Real Estate Sales Contract My agent doesnt even have the MLS listing right.?

Contact the broker of her firm. Because each agent is listed under a broker who suppose "supervise" everything. If the agent isn't performing to industry standard, then you can tell her boss. And d... Read More »

How much do you have to pay for holding phone I am an international student so I have to stop the phone for about 23 months If I am planning to use Sprint how much do I have to pay per month?