Do you have a paperclip?

Answer Yep, it's right here underneath my hat.

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How to Straighten a Paperclip?

If you need to straighten a paper clip for any reason, but find it going wrong every time (no sarcasm intended), here's how to do it right.

How to Straighten out a Paperclip?

There are thousands of reasons for needing a straightened paperclip. Among them include doing an emergency tracheotomy, picking locks, or creating an instant pen (ink required).

How to Make a Paperclip Top?

This will show you how to make a spinning top out of a paperclip. This project will take patience.

How to Make a Paperclip Float?

If you've ever seen a water bug skimming across the surface of a pond, then you've seen surface tension in action. Surface tension is the "skin" on the top of a body of water where the water molecu... Read More »