I have sex with my sister and i don't like to have any galfriend or a life partner but some time i feel i have ruin my life as well as my sister's plez guide me cause i don't want to lose my sister.?

Answer There is no need for you to loose your sister just because you stop having sex. You both need to move on and find people outside for your little world. Seek counseling in order to do this. And you ... Read More »

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You have problems deciding whether or not it would be a good idea to make the transition from military life to civilian life but don't know which is better please help?

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Do you have life insurance or, is it wise to even have life insurance?

When you die I can burn down your house with your body in it and bury the whole thing in a shoe box for just $13.85... I will make it all look like an accident so I can collect the $100,000,000,000... Read More »

I have to have my tablets for the rest of my life wy do i have to pay for them?

and you'd like someone else to pay for YOUR problem?

Have you heard adoption being suggested for a child to have a "normal" life?

Good question, Julie J.Being taken from your parents and family, given a new identity and your real one locked away is as about abnormal as it gets. Fighting with the government to know what your r... Read More »