I have cancer as well as being sick. Is there anything else I can do besides chemo?

Answer There are many other ways to treat cancer and almost all of them are more effective and safer than chemo. Check the link below for more details.

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My doctor referred to my ovaries as being polycystic but I have no symptoms of PCOS besides cysts?

The symptoms of Poly-cystic Ovaries are,â—‹ Irregular or absent menstrual periods.â—‹ Infertility.â—‹ Weight gain.â—‹ Abnormal growth of hair, especially on the face and trunk.â—‹ Deepening of the ... Read More »

How to Write a Survival Guide on Being Successful in College?

College life presents challenges to young adults, many of whom who have not yet experienced such challenges. Success on campus is just as much about academic achievement as it is about discovery an... Read More »

Besides being burned alive, list other more pleasant alternatives to suffering through an episode of "Glee"?

I'd rather share a tanning bed with John Boehner.

What does Johnny Depp have that The Nolte doesn't have (besides looks and talent)?

I'll tell you what Depp doesn't have that The Nolte does---an adoring harem of peeps straight from the finest prisons and trailer parks in the nation, that's what!