Do you have a favorite snack food?

Answer Beef jerky is good. I suppose I like weird snacks like strawberry yogurt and jello.

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What's your favorite snack?

Chocolate cake, cheese and tomato toastie :D

What is your favorite snack to eat before going to bed?

If im in a salty mood its Sundried Tomatoe & Basil flavoured rice cakes with cream cheese.Or if Im in a sweet mood its a Honey Macadamia Weiz Bar

What's your favorite midnight snack?

Captain Crunch or ice cream. (But I rarely ever eat a midnight snack.)

Which Little Debbie snack is your favorite?

yeah world peace and inteletcual questions and mine no hits but ask about the little debbie and you get tons of hits lol go figure. I like the zebra cakes. And thoes orange ones. I got the holi... Read More »