Do you have a favorite cup at home that you use a lot more than all the others?

Answer I'm a HUGE Naruto fan, and one of my friends bought me a Naruto tumbler, and it is pretty much the only thing I drink out of. I have a multitude of cups at home, but it's almost as it I don't even ... Read More »

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What is your favorite place in your home?

My den. I have a large collection of books. An antique radio that still works (circa 1927) and my computer. It's a respite to hide away in when i want peace and quiet.

What is your favorite style of home?

A Cape Cod cottage in a rural setting. I don't care for the "open concept" as each room needs it's own personality and energy. I love finding a comfortable nook to curl up with a good book on a ra... Read More »

What is your favorite home remedy?

Marijuana and a good f*cking by my love, K., by far. Puts me into an indescribably happy place. Other than that, probably echinaecea or Bach Flower Rescue Remedy Cream. Takes the pain out of bur... Read More »

Poll<I>What is your favorite, Style of home?

older, lived-in feel with all the creaks and groans...i can do without the cracked plaster, but hey, that kinda goes with it.....lolone story with a basement that doesn't flood... that unfortunatel... Read More »